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Chiropractors in State College | What to Expect

First Visit

Chiropractic adjustment

The first visit usually takes around 30 minutes. We will have some paperwork to fill out and any insurance card or information needs to be given to my assistants Heidi or Carol.

Once the paperwork is completed you will be put into a room to watch a brief video on the basics of chiropractic. Once the video is completed Dr. Casteel will review your case history and perform an examination and any necessary spinal x-rays.

Adjustments may or may not be performed at this time depending on the individual patients circumstances. Following this the patient will be escorted to the front desk to schedule his/her next visit.

Second Visit

Once the patient arrives for the second visit they are taken into a room to watch a brief video on how the spine should look and what can be expected with chiropractic care. Once the video is completed, Dr. Casteel will review the results of the case history, examination findings and the X-ray findings with the patient. Once this is completed Dr. Casteel will perform a chiropractic adjustment to address the findings.

After the adjustment Dr. Casteel will then review a report of findings and give recommendations frequency of care to the patient. Following any questions by the patient, they will then be escorted to the front desk to reschedule and discuss any financial plans for future care. Total time runs approximately 30 minutes.

A Typical Office Visit

Once all of the preliminary information has been reviewed, we will focus on a series of specific chiropractic adjustments. The patient will be sent to one of the adjustment rooms where Dr. Casteel will perform the spinal adjustment. Following the adjustment the patient will be asked to rest/relax for a specified time. Once this is accomplished the patient will be escorted to the front desk to reschedule and pay any balances. Total time is approximately 10-15 Minutes.

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